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community arts


One of Pauline’s passions is co-ordinating community arts projects. She has led many; with a focus on bringing together people of different ages, backgrounds and abilities in one locality in an exciting exchange of stories, visual art, music, singing and other expressive arts.


She particularly enjoys working as part of a creative team and co-ordinating and overseeing the whole.

One example is “Yma ac Acw” in Bangor which was hosted by Pontio and which celebrated Bangor’s bi-lingual and multi-ethnic society through the eyes of both local children and older people.


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Roedd y profiad yn wahanol iawn i beth fuasai’r disgyblion fel arfer yn ei brofi. Dwi’n credu eu bod wedi gwerthfawrogi dod at ei gilydd gydag ysgol eraill ar y diwedd. Pawb a oedd yn ymwneud a’r prosiect yn llawn brwdfrydedd.


Please do not forget us – we are all happy and willing to join in any future projects. Many thanks from us all. (Older people’s day centre)

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